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          Teira Gunlock

          Recent Posts

          4 Things Telemedicine Companies Just Aren’t Telling You

          When evaluating vendors for new employee benefits, you are critical of the sales pitch. You ask all the right questions, scrutinize the numbers, and check references. Vendors of seemingly similar benefits tend to compete on price. But for some,...

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          First 60 Days on the First Stop Health Telemedicine Engagement Program

          Let’s get right to it: First Stop Health has the highest utilization of any telemedicine company in the industry. We implement a customized telemedicine engagement plan for each of our clients. We’ll stand by our service, and our utilization rate,...

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          How to Best Deliver Cost Effective, Convenient Care Onsite

           Companies have lots of choices these days when it comes to reducing healthcare costs. Onsite clinics, and now onsite kiosks, offer on-demand and immediate care to employees at work.

          While telemedicine kiosks may seem like a great way to provide...

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          Telemedicine Companies Should Be Responsible for Its Success

          "Oh yes, we provide all sorts of engagement materials. Log in to our portal and you can find a library of flyers and emails you can use to educate your employees on their new telemedicine benefit," said the telemedicine sales associate.


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          Do You Really Have a Cold? Or Is It Actually the Flu?

          You wake up in the morning and can barely raise your head off the pillow. A pounding headache, congestion, cough, aches, fever--you can’t even imagine driving yourself to the doctor.

          What is this and can it be treated? How can you tell if you have...

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          The Top 5 Ways to Have a Healthy Vacation

          SUMMER! Songs are written about it, vacations planned, and lifelong memories created. You have been waiting for this all winter, and finally it’s here! 

          Last summer, nearly 60% of Americans took a summer vacation. That’s about 190 million people...

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          When Agitators Attack: Allergies vs. Viruses

          You’ve had a dull headache for days. Your nose just won’t stop running. A string of tissues follows you everywhere you go, and it’s really starting to get annoying. So where did this come from? Was someone sick at work? Or maybe it’s because of all...

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          How to Defeat Your Ugly Spring Allergies

          Spring is a time to look forward to warm weather, green setting in, flowers blooming. But with spring comes the one ugly word that dampens the season: allergies. 

          Allergies come with the annoying sneezing, coughs, inflammation, and the “allergy...

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          4 Ways Employers Can Soften the Blow of High Deductible Health Plan Costs

          For most employers and benefits administrators, your main goal is to offset escalating healthcare costs. Benefits packages will always include major medical, dental and vision policies for all employees, but with the industry’s surging costs you...

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