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          [Podcast] Telemedicine and Insights on Reconstructing Healthcare

          As we start 2018, we looked at our archives for content that appeared in the past year that continues to generate interest and value for our readers. One notable example is this podcast, with First Stop Health President Dave Guttman, who appeared...

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          How to Best Deliver Cost Effective, Convenient Care Onsite

           Companies have lots of choices these days when it comes to reducing healthcare costs. Onsite clinics, and now onsite kiosks, offer on-demand and immediate care to employees at work.

          While telemedicine kiosks may seem like a great way to provide...

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          Using Your Carrier’s Telemedicine Service Could Cost More Than $500K

          The old adage “You get what you pay for” is a quote I often find myself muttering when I choose the cheaper option. In the end, those irresistible deals don’t always turn out to be a sound investment with an optimal ROI.

          This is especially true...

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